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There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs”, Ansel Adams.

Horst Fuchs has a long experience in photography. Starting at an early age of 10 with his first camera, he is used to analog as well as to digital material. Currently working with Nikon digital euqipment different kind of photography is worked out.

Horst Fuchs is working as a senior software design engineer in a Finnish mobile phones company located in South Germany.

Born in 1972 he is now living together with his wife and his daughter near the city of Ulm / Danube.

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01: I was born in Weißenhorn/Germany and still live there

02: When I see something, my first thought is how to take a photo of that

03: I play guitar for 5 years now (autodidact) but perhaps I should attend a lesson to get further. I play much too less.

04: I don't have enough time for my photography hobby

05: Getting up early (~5:30 AM) is no problem for me

06: my little daughter and my wife are my sunshine. There is nothing that has higher priority

07: I'm not content with my photography work and want to improve all the time

08: I can't leave my home without a mobile phone

Tagging of others to follow when time is available
  • Listening to: Jamie Cullum
  • Reading: Photography book about people and portraits
  • Watching: nothing special
  • Playing: no time to play
  • Eating: Italian food
  • Drinking: dark red italian or spanish wine